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    What is jboss 7's behavior when two users deploy war files two different ways

    Andre Flory Newbie

      I wanted to find out if anyone knows the implications of deploying a single war file in jboss 7 using both methods: admin console and dropping the war in the /deployments/ directory.


      We have multiple users deploying the same war file and one of them uses the admin console where the others drop the file manually in the /deployments/ directory.


      This question arrised when the user who deploys using admin console said they deployed a new file and when I looked in the /deployments/ directory the date showed as a week ago.


      So, my quesiton is: How does jboss 7 handle this? Does it just use the last deployed file whichever it received last or does the admin console take precedence over the /deployments/ directory deploying method?