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    Seam 2.3 navigation problem

    alexey plotnikov Newbie

      Hi all, i migrating from seam 2.2.2(JSF1.2 with richfaces 3) to seam 2.3(JSF2 with richfaces 4).

      I have this navigation(works fine in seam 2.2) context(wizard for creating dealer):

      main page "create_dealer.xhtml" has code:



      <a4j:include id="createDealerInclude" viewId="/wizard/create_dealer_step1.xhtml" />



      and i have navigation rules in "create_dealer_step1.page.xml" for "create_dealer_step1.xhtml".

      Using ajax and rules in "create_dealer_step1.page.xml", i redisplay "create_dealer_step2.xhtml" here (but really i stay on "create_dealer.xhtml").

      In richfaces 4 a4j:include was removed and on migration page written to use "ui:include"  instead.

      But using ui:include, navigation rules in "create_dealer_step1.page.xml" doesn't work.


      What i should to do?