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    JBoss 5 and Hornetq 2.2.5.Final - causing slow MBean queries

    Michael G Novice

      Hello All,


      I'm working a project where they are using Jboss 5 and Hornetq 2.2.5.Final and it is encountering an issue.  Basically what is happening is that after running for about 1.5 hours, our external process that is making queries to the jboss mbean server becomes really slow.  Before, the external process making a request to get a value from an mbean would take no more than 10ms, but after running for the 1.5 hours it would take secs, and it would be increasing from say 5secs to 20 to 50, etc...


      The amount of messages being sent in this time is about 60-80,000.  On the server the messages are sent out to clients via topics.  The symptons looks like something is blocking mbean request.


      Has anyone experienced similiar issue with JBoss 5 and hornetq that might know what is causing this?