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    RF5 docs? Do we really need Maven?


      Do we really need to stay with Maven build since we migrated to Asciidoc?


      Question: how someone should contribute (even though we have great Asciidoc) when it's incredibly hard to find the Asciidoc source for someone who is not familiar? ;-)

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          Lukas, the switch from docbook xml to asciidoc was the first step (and a mighty time consuming one) in the docs migrations.  Asciidoc was introduced into the docbook toolchain, with nothing else changing.  Current focus is on completing that first step, with the required patches to asciidoctor being released only this week.


          In Alpha 2 the doc toolchain will be enhanced to take advantage of the asciidoc source.  Keep in mind however, that while the dowstream WFK docs place their own requirements on the toolchain, but we can take it in any direction we like in the community, provided WFK gets well-formed docbook xml in the end.



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            I understand how it works now, quesition is what is a final state of the docs source we are targetting.


            WFK might require:

            a) docbook (produced by asciidoctor(?))

            b) Maven build producing HTML/HTML-single/PDF


            I understand we would need to replace (b) when targetting plain Asciidoc sources,

            but afaik Asciidoctor can produce those end formats and we don't need use docbook as intermediate format.


            Anyway I just opt for overall simplification of the docs source structure.