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    Deploying an app in jboss5.0

    pradeep kumar Newbie

      Hi Experts,


      I am very new to JBOSS(web applications).I have created a  simple ejb web application and

      trying to deploy using the jboss 5.0,I am facing some issues.Please help me out

      resolving the issue.


      I have ejb,ear,web directories and some code inside each respective directory

      now I have started JBOSS server and added ear project to that and started

      but its I am getting  below error when I go and access localhost:8080/appointmentWeb/index.jsf


      type Status report

      message /appointmentWeb/index.jsf

      description The requested resource (/appointmentWeb/index.jsf) is not available.


      When I checked deployment dirctory no files are got deployed.

      Please let me know where I am making mistakes.


      Thanks in advance