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    URGENT, Please help

    Roger Tan Newbie

      We just upgraded to 3.0.4. Managed to get all our entity beans (1.1) working. I am currently experimenting with converting some ( actually just 1 ) of our entity beans to 2.0, but encountered the following :
      WARN [JawsApplicationMetaData] Warning: data found in jaws.xml for entity xxx but bean is not a jaws-managed cmp entity in ejb-jar.xml

      The stupid thing is that not all our entity beans (1.1) complained, it's just some.

      Has somebody encountered this before ? I took a look at the difference between ones that deploy and those that do not and simply could not figure it out.

      Setup :
      I took out the lonesome 2.x entity bean from jaws.xml to jbosscmp-jdbc.xml, and made some addition to ejb-jar.xml as required. I also marked the cmp-version correctly ( 1.x or 2.x ).