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    Jacorb adding custom server interceptor

    Sergey Graschenko Newbie



      We're trying to migrate to JBoss AS 7 (7.1.1) and I'm stuck with the inability to register custom ORB server interceptors.

      After being unable to find a configuration I've modified JacORBSubsystemAdd.java in jboss-as-jacorb-7.1.1.Final.jar with direct props modification:


      props.setProperty("org.omg.PortableInterceptor.ORBInitializerClass.mycompany.IIOPInterceptorORBInitializer", "");


      The problem though is that ORB.init(...) called before my class (IIOPInterceptorORBInitializer) is visible so I get from jacorb:


      WARN  [jacorb.orb] (MSC service thread 1-31) unable to build ORBInitializer from class mycompany.IIOPInterceptorORBInitializer: Ignoring


      How could I do this?