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    jpda remote debugging

    Fernando Martins Newbie



      I have enabled JPDA settings for remote socket debugging in JBOSS


      It works but I have problems to debug local variables, I can inspect only global variables, I can't see the local variables contents


      what is the problem ? I use Jdeveloper 11g



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          Fernando Martins Newbie

          I have found the problem, I mean problems because there was not only one


          problem 1 :


          I am building my project with Ant, and my build.xml  was using this settings for javac :




          I just removed debuglevel for full debug info to be included in my deploying EAR


          problem 2 :


          I have set JAVA_HOME, PATH, CLASSPATH in system variables to pointing to the same Java JDK bundled within JDeveloper 11g, JDK version 1.6...


          I didn't need to rebuild RT.JAR with full debug info, because the JDK version distributed with JDev already have debug info


          problem 3:


          I was using SSO Security settings in standalone.xml, I copied all JBoss config files from a colleague, and the logs when launching the server was giving errors. I made a fresh install


          Resume :


          works all fine now, JDeveloper is compatible with JBoss, I can debug correctly and launch and stop JBoss inside Jdev 11g


          For those who uses Eclipse or Intellij, and have problems with Java JDK ( RT.JAR ), you can download JDev that includes a JDK with full debug info. I can use you prefered IDE but using that JDK


          hope this helps someone