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    Web Designer cannot use variable for called element field in Reusable Sub Process

    Thomas Setiabudi Expert

      I got a reusable sub process inside a multiple instance node

      The variable from multiple instance node is called "item"

      the data type for "item" is java.util.Map

      I want to use a value from this "item" for Called Element field in Reusable Sub Process

      so I try to write


      But it gave validation error and I cant save

      then I try again with



      And again it gave validation error and I cannot save.


      Attached the server log, process definition, and screenshots


      I use Web Designer from JBPM5.4 Final Full Installer.


      I have downloaded the source code for the designer from git, but I still have no idea which part of the designer I should modify to resolve this issue?



      Thomas Setiabudi