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    Is this the right project for a simple socket usecase?

    kaffeetrinker Newbie

      Hi there,


      i stumbled over iron jacamar while searching for jca, but I'm not very familiar with jcaeither. I have a simple usecase:


      The j2ee web project I'm working on needs to connect to a tcp socket, send/receive data and then close it. I could have done this within a singleton bean, but because I have to watch the socket inputstream, I have the need to create a thread for that. That said, I think it is not allowed to create threads within a j2ee container on my own. I also tried to use @Asynchronous for the socket function, but that resulted in multiple concurrence exceptions.


      Now that i've read a little bit about jca and iron jacamar, I think maybe this is the right way to implement the socket connection. But for example, I could not find a sample with a while loop over the socket, that would notify my web project in case of an event.


      Could you give me some hints what to use? So far I thought of creating an outbound jca (with the help of the eclipse plugin) and send event notifications to the web app via jms queue (because I could not find a sample of how to notify the resource client in case of an event).


      Thank you!