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    Eclipse IDE configuration

    arnie-k Newbie

      1. Are there any plugins for Errai.

      I found on one youtube presentation that there is Forge plugin.

      Is forge usefull?

      Are there any other plugins usefull for Errai development?

      I am starting a new project and I want to get most of it.

      2. Are there any other sources of data about Errai than Reference Guide?

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          Jonathan Fuerth Master

          Some Errai users use the GWT tooling that is included with the Google Plugin for Eclipse (GPE). I've had it working myself in the past.


          My personal feeling is that GPE is more trouble than it's worth, and I simply launch Dev Mode from the command line with mvn gwt:run. Dev Mode's live refresh still works fine in this configuration, and for me it's easier to set up and troubleshoot than GPE.


          A third alternative is to create a Java Application Run/Debug configuration in Eclipse which launches your app in dev mode. You need the following settings:

          • Main
            • Project: [press Browse and choose your project from the list]
            • Main Class: com.google.gwt.dev.DevMode
          • Arguments
            • Program Arguments: [your app's GWT module name, for example org.jboss.errai.demo.todo.TodoList]
            • VM Arguments: -Xmx1g -XX:MaxPermSize=256m
          • Classpath
            • Classpath: All the defaults, plus the src/main/java folder of your project. Use Advanced... -> Add Folders to set this up.


          To answer your other questions:


          There is a Forge plugin for Errai, but it is still in early development and it doesn't do any more than our Maven Quickstart Archetypes.


          There is an IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Errai which greatly enhances the developer experience for code that uses Errai UI.


          Another source of useful information is our blog, at http://errai-blog.blogspot.com/ -- if you browse the archives, you will find several good videos about various aspects of Errai development.



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            nva Newbie

            I use the m2e (eclipse maven plugin), set up run confguration for the maven tasks (clean, gwt:run, gwt:debug) and a debug task to connect the debugger. Same as launching the dev mode from the command line in Jonathan's description, just saves a few clicks - a personal preference, really.


            I didn't find GPE very useful, but again, that's a personal preference.