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    end-tasks attribute in task node

    sam ni Newbie

      I'm using jbpm version 3.

      I'm having a set of task instances for a task. These are getting created in the action class within the node-enter event of the task node.

      I have added the attribute end-tasks="true" and I am having a timer for the task.

      When the timer is completed, all the tasks have to be ended and execution should go to next node.

      This seems to work fine if any of the  task instances have not been ended.

      If I end one of the task instance and the remaining ones are still open, the task is not ended even after the timer has completed.

      Below is my task node:

      <task-node name="task node" create-tasks="false" end-tasks="true">

                                    <event type="node-enter">

                                              <action name="test action" class="com.TestAction">




                                    <task name="task1" >

                                              <timer duedate="2 minutes" transition="signalcheck">



                                    <transition to="next node"></transition>



      Please help.