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    Interceptor bindings on manually installed beans


      (This is for CDI 1.0/ Weld 1.1.10)


      Hey, so I've run into an interesting issue (interesting in that our deployment structure is a little convoluted).


      What we've essentially done is created some JBoss Modules that deploy as libraries, that our main app then loads via jboss-deployment-structure.xml and some CDI extensions.  IN the CDI extensions, we have lines like this:


      void beforeBeans(@Observes final BeforeBeanDiscovery bbd, final BeanManager bm) {




      On this FooManager, we have an interceptor binding, like this one:



      public FooResult updateFoo(final Foo foo) {




      Which I would expect to get invoked using the interceptor, because the interceptor is listed in my beans.xml.  The interceptor does work when I annotated on my REST API (because the REST API lives in the war file, not in the library JARs).


      So am I wrong in believing that this should work? Do I need to handle any other start up events in Weld to make the interceptor work in this library?