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    Moving the javadoc building into the release profile?




      We are considering moving the generation of javadocs out of the main build cycle and into the release profile.


      In pratice this means:



        which used to generate the javadocs for the relevant modules

      ./build.sh -Prelease

        could be used to generate the javadocs for everything that was built before, or

      ./build.sh javadoc:jar -pl <module, e.g. ArjunaJTA/narayana-jta/>

        to build a specific modules javadocs


      The benefit of this is a more efficient dev build cycle as generating the javadocs adds around 30% to the build time:


      ./build.sh clean install -DskipTests 2:27

      ./build.sh clean install -DskipTests -Dmaven.javadoc.skip=true 1:54


      If anyone routinely uses the javadocs that are generated from a dev build (and isn't happy with the alternatives above), please do shout up,