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    need advice with persistance

    fachhoch con Newbie

      We want  to use jbpm  just for  worklow  and   its persistance,  we dont want any advance features  like drools , jbpm  console etc , all I care is generate  my  process definition using eclipse plugin and use api to persists  state  in database, we want  to add jbpm tables in our   database along with other tables, and we use hibernate  for persistance.  Is it possible to   inject our persistance provider into jbpm ?  I know jbpm provides jpa ,   the api has all persistance.xml etc, but we are   are not using entitymanager to persist our entities,   I need advice on how can I   modify  jbpm to use a HibernateDAO  also use my transaction manager   , we dont want jbpm to run a differnet transaction please jbpm gurus advice me.

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          Ashish T Newbie

          You can use JBPM for workflow and persistance.   Infact JBPM as name suggest is BPM.  Drools is tightly integrated with JBPM but it is a seperate proudct with seperate binaries.

          JBPM console, Govnor are seperate wars and you dont need to use them.  You can simply use JBPM binaries as a embeded BPM engine in your application.


          JBPM uses JPA and you can can use Hibernate as  JPA provider.  I believe you can also use your transaction manager but for JBOSS, its transaction manager is recommended.



          As per my understanding modifying JBPM to use somthing else instead of entitymanager will need good amount of effort and will need understanding of the source.