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    Override JDBCStoreEntityCommand ?? (JBoss 3.2)

    Joel Riedesel Newbie

      Since the StoreEntity code in JBoss 3.2 isn't handling
      Oracle BLOB/CLOB for CMP purposes, is there a way to
      overload said code with my own in order to fix this
      (by providing my own implementation, without
      changing JBoss, per se)?

      According to the Oracle docs, one must do a set/update with an 'emptyclob/blob' and then get said blob/clob and write the data to the stream. It's readily apparent that the existing StoreEntity code in JBoss simply doesn't support this approach for CMP purposes.

      It is interesting to note that WebLogic has supported Oracle BLOB/CLOB for CMP purposes for some time now (with the thin driver) and so there is an existence proof.

      Pointers and ideas would be appreciated.

      (Is this going to be handled properly in JBoss 4.0??)