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    Auditing Dynamic Components

    Felix Feisst Newbie



      unfortunetaly, Envers does currently not support the auditing of dynamic-components (An org.hibernate.MappingException is thrown: Audited dynamic-component properties are not supported. Consider applying @NotAudited annotation ...).


      I wonder why this limitation is not listed in the Envers user manual (under paragraph "Mapping Exceptions").


      So my questions are:

      * Why is it not listed under Mapping Exceptions in the user manual?

      * Is it planned that Envers will support the auditing of dynamic-components in near future?

      * Will Envers certainly never support the auditing of dynamic-components?

      * Is there a patch, which enables the auditing of dynamic-components?

      * Is it possible to supply such a patch on my own? if so, I would appreciate any hints on where to start looking.




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          Adam Warski Master

          That's true, dynamic components aren't yet supported.


          I don't think there are any technical difficulties with adding this feature, it just never got implemented


          I think the best first step, if you would like to implement this feature yourself, would be to clone the source and try adding a failing test. That way you would be able to see how the insfrastructure is setup.