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    How to rerender a link?

    Edilmar Alves Expert



      I have a use case where the user press a a4j:commandButton to process something in the server and, if all works fine,

      I have to display a link for the user in the same page, where this link must be generated dinamically at the end of the process.


      The problem is that h:outputLink, h:commandLink and a4j:commandLink calls "rendered" and "value" properties when the page

      is initially loaded. Initial values are "rendered = false" and "value = empty string".

      I tried to put render="mylink" in the a4j:commandButton to force reprocess the link but it didn't work.


      I also tried to set "rendered=true" (by default) and "value = empty string", and setup value for link in the end of the process,

      but a4j:commandButton render didn't reprocessed the link value.