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    Your idea please to design this case

    Ouadi BELMOKHTAR Newbie

      Hi Guys,


      I am developing a workflow web-based application, the simplification of BPMN2 process definition is :


      joined image.


      The first human task is assigned to Maker actor.


      Then the second human task is assigned to Checker actor.


      Currency can take : OnInstance or Validated states in database.


      Maker actor complete his HumanTask after adding a new currency across a JSF form, after that, the currency take the OnInstance state in database.


      After Checker actor connect to the application, hi has a list of assigned HumanTask in combination with currencies data that are OnInstance state (already added by Maker actor), by clicking on a currency item in the list, the checker actor is forwarded to a JSF page in order to validate this currency, his assigned HumanTask must be completed at the same time of submitting the currency validation JSF form.


      The problem is, how to associate each Currency that is OnInstance state with Checker HumanTask, in order to complete his HumanTask at the same time of validating the selected currency in the list ?


      The completion of checker HumanTask and validation of currency must be done at the same time, THEN we must define a mechanism in order to associate the currency just added by Maker actor with checker assigned humanTask created by jBPM engine across wish he will validate this currency. 


      So, this association must be done just after the Maker actor add a new currency and completing his HumanTask.


      So, we must consider when the Maker actor added several currencies in one time, in this case, several HumanTask will be assigned to Checker actor by the jBPM engine.



      Thanks in advance