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    ServerMarshallingFactoryImpl keeps being generated differently

    Hilco Wijbenga Newbie

      Hi all,


      I have separated the client and server code into different projects. Unfortunately, ServerMarshallingFactoryImpl is generated during the execution of gwt-maven-plugin when compiling the client code. It needs to be available to the server code, though, so it must be copied or the server code must depend on the client code. Having the server code depend on the client code would mean a substantial increase in build time when working on server code so I would like to avoid that.


      So I thought I would simply detect any changes in ServerMarshallingFactoryImpl and abort the build so I could copy it (actually, the build does the copying :-) ). Most of the time there should be no changes so that would work well.


      Except that ServerMarshallingFactoryImpl changes every time I run the build. :-( It seems to be just the order of the code at the top: the *Marshaller fields and the marshallers.put(...) lines. Is there any way to prevent this reordering from happening?