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    Process Validating In Designer but shows as invalid in Package Processes List

    xerofun Newbie

      I'm trying to create a process that does while looping that is structured similarly to https://community.jboss.org/thread/163105?tstart=0




      When I used the validation button in the web based process designer it says that I have no validation errors.  However, when I go back to the package tab and refresh the list of processes it is showing up as invalid.


      It seems that whenever I have this looping structure, the case is the same.


      In the case of this specific process there are no errors in the server log of the process designer server while executing save/check in (I have found some stuff here in the past that pointed out my problem).  There are some errors about simulation but those appear on any process save I do and I'm not horribly concerned with them as I've made new process that validate and show as valid in the process list that have had these errors.


      Please help!  I just need to create a process that's effectively a do-while and this seems to be the only way to support such a process.