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    Invalidating Cached Entity Beans

    Daniel Nanto Newbie

      We are slowly migrating to a J2EE solution and are using JBoss as our Application Server. However, we still have legacy systems that are changing data outside of the EJB containers. There are three different options on how to handle "stale" data in the JBoss server:

      1. Use Commit Option C and lose the advantages of Caching
      2. Use Commit Option D and reduce the window for stale data, but not eliminate the problem
      3. Use some kind of broadcast/cache invalidation strategy.

      My question is two fold:
      Which would you recommend?
      If Option 3, is there an easy way to get a hold of the EntityInstanceCache object so we can call "remove" and invalidate an object? (Is this even the right way to do this?)

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

      -Dan Nanto