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    how to disable the metrics in the particular resource

    udayatom Newbie

      Hello Dev,



                    In my case I have three children, it is under the same parent.


      What i do for the following cases


                    i)  My need is particular metric should not be display and use for the particular child node.


                   ii)  I solved by using in the  metrics collection request(MeasurementScheduleRequest), I using the condition to filter the particular  request to block, so it not sending the value. In this case in                   the parent node,(Members reporting) it calculated which metrics i am blocked. So it not be accurate. I exactly need howmany children should be used in the metrics.How to fix it. 





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          Lukas Krejci Apprentice

          RHQ's philosophy is that the agent plugins should do what they are told - i.e. when your component is asked to collect a metric, it should do it.


          To disable metric collection, you go to the server and, in the UI, navigate to Monitoring -> Schedule and disable the metric in question. After that it will no longer be collected - i.e. no requests to collect that metric will be sent to your component.


          If you want the metric to be completely unavailable on a certain resource (i.e. not even defined), you need to do it by discovering the resource in question as a different resource type. I.e. you would have 2 "similar" resource types, where one would include the metric and one would not have it at all. You then would have 2 discovery components - one would discover the resources of the type with the metric and the other would discover the resource of the type without the metric.