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    sql binding question

    seungchan.lee-evault.com Newbie

      I am trying to use sql binding ..  I try to retrieve an account info from accounts table based on account_id ...  I use a reference and its binding is:


      <sca:reference name="GetAccountService" multiplicity="0..1" promote="SimpleRestServiceBean/GetAccountService">

            <sca:interface.java interface="com.example.switchyard.switchyard_rest_example.SingleResultQueryService"/>


              <sql:query>select * from accounts where account_id = #</sql:query>






      I can hit the db ok and see the account info retrieved ok.  However, I'm having difficulty how to convert (or transform) the query result.  When I look into the query result, it is a list of LinkedInsensitiveMap ... The conversion should be done automatically by providing the converter??



      Thanks for your help in advance!!