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    Client Connection failed

    S V S G Krishna Murthy K Novice



         I'm getting these messages at regular intervals of time after JBOSS 7 Starts.Server Hangs at this time


      15:41:04,053 WARN  [org.hornetq.core.protocol.core.impl.RemotingConnectionImpl] (hornetq-failure-check-thread) Connection failure has been detected: Did not receive data from invm:0. It is likely the client has exited or crashed without closing its connection, or the network between the server and client has failed. You also might have configured connection-ttl and client-failure-check-period incorrectly. Please check user manual for more information. The connection will now be closed. [code=3]

      15:41:04,083 WARN  [org.hornetq.core.server.impl.ServerSessionImpl] (hornetq-failure-check-thread) Client connection failed, clearing up resources for session f9ea91d4-cf57-11e2-be11-000c29b0bca7

      15:41:04,108 WARN  [org.hornetq.core.server.impl.ServerSessionImpl] (hornetq-failure-check-thread) Cleared up resources for session f9ea91d4-cf57-11e2-be11-000c29b0bca7.


      I configured the client-failure-check period for RemotingConnectionImpl to -1 and connection-ttl also to -1..Still the same issue..Can anyone suggest some help regarding this:-(