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    Seam and CDI together Not Supported In GateIn Portal with switchyard

    sheriman xavier Newbie

      Hi ,


           Recently i integrated Switchyard Proxy service(PerlService), My Lead did that job with the help of Magesh, and gave the code to me to integrate,


      my application involves GateInJboss As7, Seam 2.3.0Final,Jsf2.1


      I am not able to Integrate CDI and Seam together in GateInPortal, i posted in GateIn Forum



      they suggested CDI and Seam will not work together,


      But i have developed all my major screens using Seam 2.3 now almost everything over final step is calling the proxy service.


      my question is how can i Inject the Bean Using Seam 2.3 in Switchyard .



       @Inject @Reference("PerlService")
          private PerlService _perlService;


      so that i will drop CDI.


      if i want to use CDI i need to Keep beans.xml in my application.

      if i keep beans.xml then seam based applications not working.


      Any Help appreciated from Switchyard Team....


      attached my Service class.