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    Deploying Guvnor and Form Builder on different nodes is not working

    Zahid Ahmed Prs Newbie



      I have a form builder embedded in guvnor. Its working fine when both are deployed on the same node of jboss on port 8080. I deployed these on different nodes but guvnor is displaying error upon opening or creating a form definition. In Centre frame it says it could not find form builder on the port same as guvnor's i.e 8080 where as guvnor is on port 8080 and form builder is on port 8280.


      I have configured the port of form builder in guvnor.war/WEB-INF/classes/preferences.properties. And configured guvnor in jbpm-form-builder.war/spring-components.xml.


      For example :


      Node 1 :

      IP  : 127. 0.0.1

      Port : 8080

      URL :


      Node 2 :

      IP  : 127. 0.0.1

      Port : 8888

      URL :



      Deployment Environment :


      Guvnor 5.4.0.Final