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    Inter Portlet Communication - Portlet Session


      I am doing a simple project on portlets. It is deployed in gatein portal by Jboss. However, I have encountered some problems on PortletSession which I don't understand.

      Context: I have developed 2 portlets within the same .war file. Portlet A is a search portlet and Portlet B is used to display the result of the search. The problem that I am facing is Portlet B not displaying the search result after I have done a search request using Portlet A. I have used PortletSession to pass an arraylist to Portlet B to display the result. After some debugging, i realized that the VIEW is not invoke after the search request.

      Below is the snippet of codes from Portlet A and B.


      //ProcessAction from Portlet A- search listing
      @ProcessAction(name = "searchListing")
      public void searchListing(ActionRequest request, ActionResponse response) {

        ArrayList<Listing> result = new ArrayList<Listing>();
           try {
                 if (request.getParameter("name") != null || !request.getParameter("name").equals("")) {
                   String name = request.getParameter("name");
                   String address = request.getParameter("address");
                   String category = request.getParameter("category");
                   result = ListingManager.retrieveListingList(name, address, category);
                       request.getPortletSession().setAttribute("resultList", result, PortletSession.APPLICATION_SCOPE);
                  } catch (Exception e) {
                      // e.printStackTrace();


      //RENDER VIEW from Portlet B - display search results.
          @RenderMode(name = "view")
          public void display(RenderRequest request, RenderResponse response)
                  throws PortletException, IOException {

                  ArrayList<Listing> resultList = (ArrayList<Listing>)request.getPortletSession().getAttribute("resultList",PortletSession.APPLICATION_SCOPE);

                  if(resultList == null){
                      resultList = new ArrayList<Listing>();
                  request.setAttribute("result", resultList);
          getPortletContext().getRequestDispatcher(response.encodeURL("/html/helloWorld.jsp")).include(request, response);