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    The cheaper and easy Hosting for an application that run on jboss 7

    Jerson Viveros Newbie

      Hello Friends.


      I've already delveloped an application in JEE 6 with primefaces, JPA and postgresql. I use jboss 7 like application server. I want to put my application on Internet because I want to some people (clients) use the application.

      I want to know if someone know the best way to public my application on internet considering that I dont have much money, and the people that is going to use the application is about 200, but in the future could be more.

      I've already tried openshift, but I dont know why they down the application sometimes, and you can't control the server, that was not a problem if all the things i used works, but some of the options I used in my machine doesn't work on openshift, and i need to use some ftp ports for a comunication with other application, so for now openshift is not an option.

      I tried too, godaddy, but I have heard bad things about godaddy... for now is the best option, because is $30 per month, and I can control the server. The problem is that you can't use iptables -t nat to redirect ports.


      Do you have any idea of other, that works fien with jboss 7?

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          Pancho Villorio Newbie

          A VPS should be fine for this.  I just signed up last week for an amazing deal at less than $8 per month, and so far I'm amazed with it.    I haven't yet installed JBoss, but no problems with other java containers so far.    FULL root access and control - even iptables,  and very cheap, if you can survive without a cpanel-stype interface, and are happy working via ssh.   These guys have servers both in Europe and US, and are very economical in both places.    A bare-bones bargain-basement, you have a choice of various linux server solutions, and are really only suitable if you are fully comfortable managing a complete Linux environment on your own from the shell, managing security, backups etc all on your own.   That said, it is possible to pay for a standard cpanel-stype web interface, but this will more than double the cost.  Ideal if you have experience in managing a linux distribution of your own.  I've gone for ubuntu 12.04 LTS for the choice and ease of package installation.  Performance is great - SSD-based storage, 4096GB memory , 1000GB bandwidth.   All the details available at following  link - http://my.iniz.com/aff.php?aff=098.   You've started your search at very competitive moment in the market - shop around - you'll be amazed at the deals available these days - good luck!

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            Jerson Viveros Newbie

            Thank you very much for your help, I'm going to test this option.

            $8 is very good price, and for me is good to manage my server throught ssh.