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    Active/Active Enables Linear Scale?

    Yair Ogen Expert



      I am trying the HornetQ cluster Active/Active mode and would like to see if I can get linear scale.


      I established that on a non-clustered host I get around 1000 TPS on a producer for a persistent queue.


      I then added another broker (on node B) and connected it to a cluster using UDP Broadcast.


      My Producer is connected to node A (2 instances connected to same node) and I have 2 consumers for the same Queue. One consumer is connected to Node A and one to Node B.


      Both Producers send messages to Node A. I can see the messages are distributed between Node A and B, however the TPS in each Producer process averages on ~800 TPS. I expected it to stay on ~1000.


      The Cunsumer TPS dropped even more.


      Am I wrong in my assumptions or in my test?


      Should Linear Scale be expected?



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          Yong Hao Gao Master

          I think if you have two producers you should make them connected to different nodes.

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            Andy Taylor Master

            As you ramp up the number of clients sending and receiving messages then at some point the throuput of a particular producer/consumer will slow, so no you won't get Linear Scale (although for a small number of clients you may at first). Throughput is typically restricted by the speed of your hard disc (if you are using persistent messages or transactions) and the speed of your network. Other things that wlll have an effect are paging (it may have kicked in), acknowledge mode, number of threads available to server, distribution of clients around the cluster etc etc.


            And Howard is correct, for optimim perf you should distribute your producers