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    Auto-deploy-zipped extracts war at new tmp location everytime even if i just redeploy my context

    Darshan Shah Newbie

      I am using jboss-as-7.1.0.Final , I have a zipped war which contains some properties file.

      When i deploy war using Auto-deploy mode Jboss extracts content of my war in tmp directory.

      If i change a property file in this expolded context and redeploy by placing marker file [war name].war.dodeploy

      my war gets extracted again in a new directory in tmp folder and due to this i loss the changes

      made in property file.


      Can somebody help on this ?? Is there any way or workaround by which i can achieve this ??

      I have tried Manual mode of deployment and everything works fine , but for Auto deploy as Jboss

      crates a new directory everytime i loss changes in the files when i redeploy.


      How can i retain my changes in the files in Auto-depoloy mode ??