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    How to extend 'Service Tasks' panel in Eclipse-based JBPM editor?

    Minh Hoang TO Novice

      There are service tasks communicating with external systems in my JBPM process definitions. I defined those service tasks by editing directly .bpmn files, using <task> elements




      <task name="CallingExternalTask">

         <!-- Define actions here -->


             <!-- Define input/output bindings here --->





      Now, i want to inherit the power of drag-n-drop feature in JBPM visual editors. What i have to do to have my CallingExternalTask appeared in 'Service Tasks' panel of JBPM editor in Eclipse?


      I guess TODO work cosists of building a 'template' file from my own .bpmn files and put them in appropriated configuration directory but don't know how to do so in detail yet