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    rich:select Space displayed as  

    jigg4 Newbie

      We are using rich:select in our application. Sometimes this component displayes Spaces as " ", which looks like the escape-code for a space.

      Do you know which reason this behaviour could have?

      It looks like a misbehaviour from the renderer to me.



      EDIT: with some research i could find out, that in some cases we define spaces as the mentioned code. this is made to have a double space between a index and the name e.g "001  name" for a better reading.

      because java reduces double spaces to 1 space we use the mentioned code+aspace: "  ". Now i know where it comes from, but not why richfaces does not render it as a space. if i create a little demo page and write the code alone in a selectItem it is displayed as a space like it should.

      any ideas?