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    Errors while building the fuse source code

    fordm Newbie



      Not sure whether this is the correct place to be posting this, so please forgive me if it's not.


      I've just cloned the jboss-fuse/fuse repo from GitHub and have followed the building guidelines at http://fuse.fusesource.org/building.html. To no avail. I get a build failure in fabric-core, the following tests fail:


      Tests in error:

        testSetEmptyProfiles(org.fusesource.fabric.internal.ContainerImplTest): not a proxy instance

        testGetWithNoProfile(org.fusesource.fabric.internal.ContainerImplTest): not a proxy instance

        testGetSingleProfile(org.fusesource.fabric.internal.ContainerImplTest): not a proxy instance

        testGetMultipleProfiles(org.fusesource.fabric.internal.ContainerImplTest): not a proxy instance

        testGetContainerProfileOverlay(org.fusesource.fabric.internal.ContainerImplTest): not a proxy instance

        testInvalidResolver(org.fusesource.fabric.internal.ContainerImplTest): not a proxy instance


      Obviously I could skip the tests, but that's not the point. Has anyone had a similar experience?


      My environment is:


      Mac OS X 10.8.4

      Java 1.7.0_21

      Maven 3.0.5

      jboss-fuse/fuse repo up to date as of 17th June 2013