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    jBPM 5.4 web application

    Naju K Newbie

      I installed jBPM5.4 in my system. I started the engine by start.demo, and i could see the processes using jpm console, and i have gone through drools guvnor process designer.. Following are my doubts.


      1. I have installed this BPM in my machine, and created some processes.. please tell me how it is related to a real life projects ??? why most of the jboss documentations ends with drools guvnor process designer ??? ...


         Its like "you are installed jBPM in you machine, you are created some sample processes using jbpm console, and you are desinged one process using drools guvnor or eclipse plugin, now you are a jbpm devleper, you are ready to go" ... where to go ? what is next ? how can create a real life application with jbpm ??


      Suppose i want create very simple "Leave Approval" web applcation using jBPM .. so

      i) I have a start event

      ii) i have User task "Employee Application", here employee is filling a form and submitting to HR manager

      iii) i have a User task "HR manger verification", here HR manager verify the application, and he approves the leave

      iv) I have an end event


      How can i acheive this Process using jBPM ???



      2. If i want to create Employee Form and HR Form, using any other UI technology like  JPS or JSF, how can i do that ??

         If am not using any of these UI technologies, jBPM have its own UI tools to create user forms ??


      3. How the flow happens from start event to end event.. ie, programatically what should i do, to move to next task ??


      4. How can i deploy a jBPM web applcation in jBoss AS 7 ?


      5. How can i monitor above process ??


      A small sample web application is more that enough for me, to clear all my doubts..

      And sorry for my language( I am searching last three days, for a real life sample jBPM web application )..


      Thanks in advance