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    Issue with showing error messages in tool tip

    Jaya S Newbie



      We are using Richfaces 4.3.1 for development. We have the following requirement to show validation error and facing some issues.

      1. Show validation errors in pop-up

      2. Highlight the component having error

      3. After closing the pop-up, show the error message in tooltip.

      Is there any component that behaves like error pop-up panel?


      We have implemented as follows,


      1. Popup panel

      <rich:popupPanel id="messagePanel" modal="true"

      show="#{facesContext.maximumSeverity != null}">


      <rich:message for="userNumber" />


      <f:facet name="controls">

      <h:outputLink value="#"

      onclick="#{rich:component('messagePanel')}.hide(); return false;">






      2. Highlighting the component

      Style= #”{not component.valid ? ‘border-color : red;’ : ‘border-color : none;’};”


      3. Show message in tool tip

      <rich:tooltip followMouse="false" styleClass="tooltip-custom-body" layout="block">

      <rich:message  for="userNumber" style="color:red;"  />



      The problem is tooltip is shown always i.e., even before the form is submitted. Is there a way to disable the tool tip when there is no error?


      Any suggestion is appreciated.