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    Performance issues with JBoss 7.x.x and ActiveMQ

    Nitesh Mehta Newbie
      1. We upgraded our application from “JBoss 5.1 with JBoss Messaging” to “JBoss 7.1.1 Final with ActiveMQ 5.8.0”. We were expecting performance improvement but we saw 20 to 30% of performance loss.
      2. We are using JDBC persistence for ActiveMQ and our MDB’s do good amount of DB transactions which slows them down. But this set up is same for JBoss 5.1 and JBoss 7.1.1
      3. When we configure Active MQ as JCA using activemq.rar (http://blog.coffeebeans.at/?p=230) we see around 50 % loss in performance.
      4. When we configure Active MQ embedded we still see around 30 % loss in performance.
      5. When we run ActiveMQ external as standalone the performance loss is around 15 to 20 %.
      6. We have also tested ActiveMQ and JBoss 5.1 combination and we don’t see any performance loss.
      7. We searched through forums and JBoss bug tracking system and we don’t see any issue of this type reported.
      8. We also replaced ActiveMQ with java.util.concurrent.LinkedBlockingQueue but no success
      9. In are test two queues are involved and around 50000 messages are processed per in an hour. After receiving messages our consumers make some database transactions start new threads to do some tasks. These threads after doing its work post messages to same queues.

      We also upgraded to JBOSS 6.1.0 Final but still no sucess

      Are we missing something?

      Any pointers will be helpful

      Thanks in Advance


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          jaikiran pai Master

          This is a very vague question. You'll have to narrow down the problem to a specific use case and do some debugging/profiling to narrow it down. If it then turns out to be anything related to JBoss EAP, you can post the relevant details.

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            Nitesh Mehta Newbie

            Hi Jaikiran

            Sorry for vague question. Actually we have developed performance test for our application which was deployed in 5.x and we ran same test after upgrading to JBoss 7.1.1. Above are the observations after trying different combinations. When we monitor it using JVisualVM we see most of the things are fine. Our memory does not reach max limit. CPU utilization shows spikes between 60 to 100%. When we enabled our logging we saw that most of the operation’s like processing messages is faster in 7.1.1.

            The thing I wanted to know was if anyone can think of any configuration option we might be missing or suggests particular area to debug