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    License question of JBPM designer

    Florian Pirchner Newbie



      i got a question about the JBPM designer. I would like to embedd the jbpm standalone designer in a vaadin UI. The final open source project is licensed under the EPL (Eclipse Public License).


      For now i am confused about the licenses used in designer. As i could see the designer is licensed under the APLv2. But internally it uses the Oryx which seems to be licensed under the GPLv3 now. I also found out, that the version of Oryx that is used was forked before the license changed to GPLv3. Could not find any hint in the oryx.js about GPL.


      But in the jbpm-designer-standalone project i found a LICENSE file with following content:

        * The license and the source files can be found in our SVN repository at:

      * http://oryx-editor.googlecode.com/.


      And http://oryx-editor.googlecode.com points to GPLv3.


      My question: May i savely (without any license violations) embed the designer into my EPL project? EPL and APLv2 are compatible.


      Thanks a lot,