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    JBoss EAP 6.1 LDAP Configuration

    Tugrul Ocak Newbie

      I am working on migrating a project from WebSphere to JBoss. I made work my project in GateIn Portal which comes default in JBoss installation. Now I have another problem about login(sign in). I have no idea how will I manage login information of users in my WebSphere Portal. I want my users to use the JBoss(or GateIn - I still didn't understand which is what) with their username and passwords they are using in WebSphere Portal.


      WebSphere Portal uses a LDAP server for authentication(I assume that - because I am not the one who developed the application at first time). WebSphere Portal has 6 different applications in it and we want to seperate them using JBoss. So the research mission is on me and I am trying to set it up for JBoss. Now I think my only problem is about users' sign in, and again I think I will use a LDAP server and configuration to achieve it. But I couldn't understand the pdfs from RedHat Customer Support. If there is anyone who can help me about this issue I will be very grateful.


      I hope I made myself clear