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    RHQ's Oracle plugin : which user privileges needed ?

    captain_mich Newbie



      I want to monitor an Oracle DB server but I don't want to use SYS or SYSTEM nor my JBoss datasource account.


      So I created a new user, but I don't want to grant him ALL PRIVILEGES.

      According to the Oracle rhq-plugin.xml, I granted SELECT ON DBA_USER and V_$SYSMETRIC (and CREATE SESSION ) to my user, but that wasn't enough.


      Then, I found in the org.rhq.plugins.oracle.OracleUserComponent source that V_$SESSION is needed too.



      Is it possible to create a role with only the SELECT ON needed, or have I to grant all DBA privileges ?





      - RHQ 4.5.1

      - Oracle 10g



      Captain Mich.