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    Duplicate Properties Files on Classpath

    ma3145tt Newbie

      I am hosting multiple applications inside of one JBoss container.  Two of the applications use a shared library (login.jar).  The login.jar looks for a properties file (xyz.properties) on the classpath.  Is it possible to configure a classpath specific to the war file.  I need these files to exist outside of the archive so they can be updated easily.  We prefer not to explode wars on deployment to protect the integrity of the file.

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          Jorge Campos Newbie

          Hy, There


          Like you I have some applications wich read a log file outside the context (on the server)

          Here I have 18 applications that read the same properties folder wich I specify as jboss startup parameter so, the application can read this path (outside the context) and read my propertie file.


          so on your run.conf file $JBOSS_HOME/bin/run.conf on your JAVA_OPTS variable add a configuration pointing to a path like this: -DXYZConfigPath=$JBOSS_HOME/configs

          then your login.jar have to read this configuration so it can load the propertie file from one unique place.


          My english is not good, so I hope you understand