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    <a4j:commandLink> actionListener not invoke on first click

    SUMIT GHOSH Newbie

      I have a rich:tabPanel with 3 tabs.in the 2nd tab I have a remove button for removing the uploaded file,it is woking niecely when I'm in 2nd tab doing uploading and deleting of file but having problem when I'm migrating into 3rd tab,ie suppose user has move on to third tab then decided to remove the uploaded file in 2nd tab,so,he clicks on the 2nd tab again and them click the remove button in that tab,this causing the problem,actionlistener attached with this remove button not getting invoked on first click,it's getting called on 2nd click.Remember one thing that the remove button working properly when I'm in 2nd tab but prooblem occuring onl when user comes bck from 3rd->2nd and clicks the remove button.



      can any one has any solution to this?????

      I'm attaching the page herewith.look into the 2nd tab in the attached page.