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    Running 2 JBoss AS6 in Centos 6

    Kacem BEL Newbie

      Hi guys,




      I have an application developed in JEE6 under JBoss AS6, the server is running in Centos 6 64bit, I've been trying to run a second instance for tests purposes,

      well, what I did :

      1- Copied all content of the default folder in JBoss home directory into another folder and I named it default2

      2- I shut down the first instance and run the second to change the ports sequence in the admin-console to use ports-01

      3- I shut down the second intance and run the both instances

      4- I looked into the boot log and server log of each one and see that everything goes well each instance runs within its own set of port numbers

      5- I try to access the first instance and it still working well

      6- I try to access the second instance by : mydomaine:8180/myContext but nothing happens, it keeps trying to access and it ends by : "The server at mydomaine.com takes too long to respond."



      NB: to run the instances I'm using the jboss_init_redhat.sh file, I created 1 file for each instance , and the only difference is in the section :


      1. #configuration to use, usually one of 'minimal', 'default', 'all' 
      2. JBOSS_CONF=${JBOSS_CONF:-"default"




      1. #configuration to use, usually one of 'minimal', 'default', 'all' 
      2. JBOSS_CONF=${JBOSS_CONF:-"default2"



      So I dont see what I'm missing exactly, everything looks fine but the second instance is not accessible, any suggestions will be greatful