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    Drools jBPM vs jBPM Kie?

    Mariam Hakobyan Newbie

      I am concerned which jBPM version and implementation to use, which one is supported?


      I have a switchyard application, which has switchyard-bpmn component dependency, wich uses Kie implementation (e.g. KnowledgeBase, KieSession)







      and this brings jbpm dependencies of 6.0.0.Alpha version.


      And in order to unit testing of the bpmn process only, I see there is org.jbpm.test.JbpmJUnitTestCase, which uses drools-jbpm implementation (e.g. org.drools.runtime.StatefulKnowledgeSession) and not the Kie.


      So I am not sure which implementation I should use for jBPM, Kie or Drools, and which version? Please advice..


      Thanks in advance!