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    IllegalStateException: removing bean lock and it has tx set

    Marian Gutica Newbie

      I am using JBoss 3.0.4. I have an entity bean that I load using findAll_onload in a stateless sessionbean method which in turn I call in my client.
      I have isolated the load of this entity in this sessionbean method so I can use RequiresNew in assembly-descriptor of the stateless sessionbean method. I also use Required for the entity bean findAll_onload method.

      I am getting the exception mentioned in the Subject.
      This is a fairly big table (~300,000) records.

      From what I red I understand this is a transaction issue, but I can not get around it.

      Here is the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml entry for this querry:

      FROM adb_blockface_r b ORDER BY b.blockId

      Is this because the table is big ? It runs fine until reaches around 150,000 - 160,000 records.

      If it is a configuration issue why doesn't fail on the first record(s) ?

      I apologize if this is a obvious question and I am really gratefull if somebody can point me to a source that explain this.