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    SOA Tools status?

    Guillermo L Newbie

      I see that JBoss tools is evolving however I have not found anything about the SOA tools. Particularly I'm interested in the jbpm plugins.


      Has anyone an idea about these plugins and whether are going to be available for eclipse kepler?



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          Paul Leacu Newbie

          Hey Guillermo -

                 The SOA tooling is alive and well.  It is now captured under the JBoss Tools Integration Stack (JBTIS).  It's one-stop shopping for all of your eclipse JBoss tooling needs - you'll find jBPM in there.  The best place to start is:




          Where you'll find links to the latest Juno and Kepler update sites:





          Give it a try and let me know what you think.


             --Paul L

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            Guillermo L Newbie

            Hey, thanks for the information!


            I'll give it a try pretty soon.


            Is JBTIS going to be released at the same time as kepler? I'm a bit confused about kepler schedule and the Developer Studio schedule which I have not been able to find.


            Thanks again!

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              Paul Leacu Newbie

                 JBTIS is the community version (JBoss Tools based) and will update fairly regularly.  The production version of JBTIS is JBDSIS (JBoss Deveoper Studio Integration Stack).  It will release with the production kepler release of Developer Studio.  I'm not certain as to schedule...


                 --Paul L

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                Rob Cernich Master

                Hey Guillermo,


                The integration stack is intended to provide one stop shopping for all the tools provided for the various integration projects. The goal behind the project was to ensure that all of the various integration tools are built upon a common stack so that one or all of them could be installed into Eclipse through one easy to use update site (and marketplace).  As those tools tend to evolve individually and at their own pace, there should be incremental versions of JBTIS as those individual tools are updated and released.


                Hope that adds a little more color as to the nature of the project.




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                  Max Rydahl Andersen Master

                  JBDS 7/JBT 4.1 will release this summer.


                  JBDSIS/JBTIS will have pre-releases compatible with it coming out over the summer too - once they reach Final/GA we will make them available for easy installation from inside JBDS/JBT.


                  For now we've been playing catchup to get a smoother announcement and installation setup running - I excpect us to be able soon to have a smoother experience.


                  Until then try the sites Paul referenced.

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                    Guillermo L Newbie

                    Thank you all for your responses!


                    I have one more not that related to the original one. Do I have to buy a jBoss Developer Studio license/subscription in order to use it within my company for internal development? I know I can download it for free but I´m not sure about usage...

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                      Max Rydahl Andersen Master

                      Short answer: Yes, you do not need to purchase a JBoss Developer Studio Portfolio Edition to use for Development.


                      Long answer:


                      JBoss Developer Studio (Free) and JBoss Developer Studio Portfolio Edition (99$) are two different things.


                      Meaning the product that costs 99$ and is named "JBoss Developer Studio Portfolio Edition" is for getting access to the productized runtimes (like SOA-P, EAP, RHEL, etc.) to test and doing development.


                      JBoss Developer Studio is a set of plugins and an installer supported by Red Hat if you have a subscription otherwise with Red Hat.


                      The output and usage of JBoss Developer Studio is not limited to be used togheter with a subscription - the artifacts you create with Developer Studio

                      is completely up to you and owned by you.

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