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    How to add PostgreSql driver with pooled datasource in JBoss 7?

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      I am moving from Glassfish 3.1.1 where I had a pooled datasource, not XA. I am trying to configure this in JBoss 7 and I am having difficulities.

      I have registered a PostgreSql module. In the standalone.xml file I am trying to add a new driver element inside the drivers element (only the example H2 driver is currently registered). I have looked at the XSD for datasources and I found that driver element can have a element named datasource-class. The example use xa-datasource-class, but that wouldn't be correct in my case would it since I don't won't XA datasource. Now after registering the driver and added a datasource, I go to the web console. Checking the standalone.xml file afterwards result in a closed postgresql driver element. It has automatically removed the datasource-class element.


      Could someone show an example of how to use PostgreSql pooled datasource in Jboss 7? And how to configure a basic datasource with it?