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    JBoss3.2.1 with Postgres - Please look at this Postgres Log.

    Nigel Birch Newbie


      I'm trying to speed up my transactions. I'm using CMP1.1 I have a Session bean with a method defined as RequiresNew. Within this method I find a CMP EJB, and set an attribute in the bean.

      The EJB uses commit option A.

      This results in the following Postgres log output:

      LOG: query: SELECT aId FROM UdpEthPortEntity WHERE emsName='shelf=DummyShelf:card=3:port=1:udp=X003001001:data=1'
      LOG: duration: 0.001314 sec
      LOG: query: UPDATE UdpEthPortEntity SET carrierStatus='false' WHERE aId=73139699126492419
      LOG: duration: 0.004720 sec
      LOG: query: commit;
      LOG: duration: 0.029033 sec
      LOG: query: select 1; commit; set autocommit = on;
      WARNING: COMMIT: no transaction in progress
      LOG: duration: 0.000967 sec
      LOG: query: show transaction isolation level
      LOG: duration: 0.000328 sec
      LOG: query: set autocommit = off;
      LOG: duration: 0.000526 sec

      Why does it say there is no transaction in progress? This transaction takes over 200ms to complete, and I'd like to speed that up.