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    JBPM Designer without Uberfire?




      I would like to integrate the JBPM Designer Web BPMN2 Editor into an application that already has its own menus, views and workbench manager.


      We would like to use only the BPMN2 Editor. So, we don't need what is being provided by Errai/Uberfire.


      Is there a way to achieve this?



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          Hi Cristiano,


          Yes. Standalone JBPM designer is provided. 


          Can you check https://community.jboss.org/thread/175773  and  http://surdilovic.wordpress.com/    ?


          Let me know if this solves your requirement.





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            Hi Ashish,


            Actually I already read the links you provided. But it is referring to an old version.


            In version 6 the project was divided into these:

            • jbpm-designer-api
            • jbpm-designer-backend
            • jbpm-designer-client
            • jbpm-designer-standalone


            But all of them seem to have explicity dependencies into Uberfire/Errai...


            I really couldn't understand how could I use only the editor.


            thanks anyway...

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              Hi Ashish,


              I also read the links you provided. But there is no guide how to integrate standalone designer with application which is currently being developed.


              I only want to embed the designer on my site.




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                I'm working on the docs ..any help is appreciated

                jBPM Designer is an Uberfire component and part of the Uberfire framework which is mean for users to be able to create very customizable UI components. Another big reason to use Uberfire is it's VFS (virtual file system) component. With Designer you can use the default git VFS impl or you can create a wrapper to your own types of file systems such as existing DBs, content management systems etc. This is pretty powerful. If there is a push from community to create a version of Designer standalone which does not include things like the File Explorer, top navigation menus, etc (so just the drawing canvas itself) I'm of course not going to say no, but would like you guys to drive this from the community side and I will guide and help of course...let me know what you think.



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                  a guide to integrate the BPM designer standalone would be really great. I would like to embedd into OSGi vaadin application without Uberfire.

                  I did some research some time ago and i found a way to address the servlet that serves the BPM standalone editor, but had to deal with the uberfire dependencies. So i would have to add all Uberfire bundles to the OSGi runtime, but would like to avoid adding these dependencies.

                  Would be great if we could remove them from the standalone designer.


                  Best Florian

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                    Hi Tihomir,   If my understanding is correct "jBPM Designer standalone version 6.0"  is a standalone version but needs Uberfire  framework. What about  version provided with JBPM 5.4?   I believe that is integrated with Guvnor   but will be much easier to make it standalone than version 6   Regards, Ashish

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                      Uberfire is the new framework that both Drools and jBPM are using going forward (6.x + ). It is the same framework that all of our other web tools like jBPM Console, Gunvor, etc are using. Guvnor 5.x is no longer going to receive further development (is being replaced) so Designer versions that integrate with it (currently in the Designer guvnor-integration brach) will only be maintained for community for bug fixes (no new features).

                      I see the integration with Uberfire to have great benefits (integration,embedding, VFS, and many many others) so stripping it out is not something that we have on the radar, but like I said the best way for community to request something like this is to open a jBPM Jira, put your reasons for such change there and then have people vote on it.



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                        Well, certainly VFS is a good feature, but as the Designer, they shouldn't never be tied to a specific UI framework.

                        There are many projects that already uses JBPM, but with its own UI framework and I don't think those project would be forced to use uberfire just because they would like to use the JBPM bpmn web editor...

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                          Every web application is going to be tied to some frameworks that you may or may not like. With Drools and jBPM this is Uberfire ( http://droolsjbpm.github.io/uberfire/ ). Designer has a standalone war that is deployable on JBoss AS 7 and Tomcat out of the box, as well as modules which you can use to embed Designer into your own applications. Designer standalone is not tied to any other applications (as it was case before with being tied to Drools Guvnor) so this is already a step forward. With VFS you can configure it to store your business process assets in git, file system, cms, db, etc ...and all those features you get for free and open-source ...so why you seem to be complaining about all this is kind of beyond me


                          It is also possible to strip out parts of the application that you may just not wish to use. That's why open source is so powerful - just clone jBPM Designer and change it as you see fit for yourself..or like I said open a Jira and get votes for the features you may need and then you even might get free help from core devs on the projects ...again a win in my opinion


                          All of the jBPM web based tooling is based on the Uberfire framework. Not just Designer.



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                            I don't care about any other JPBM project, I just need the best web BPMN editor that I used !  almost everything that uberfire provides I already have in my environment...


                            I already cloned it in version 5.x and could make some progress with its integration in our  OSGi environment, but with the 6.0 it is being very complicated.... that uberfire and gwt dependencies gave me headake and I gave up...

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                              Hi Tihomir.


                              Is this document now available?

                              Please help me to integrate standalone designer with the same git repo as jbpm full installer is using so that I can have standalone designer in ,my webapp but functions same as jbpm full install.



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                                Hi all,

                                time flys, but the question still here?  any body can tell me how to use or run jbpm-designer?

                                I have a same question, I want have a customize view of jbpm process defination.