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    list message in admin-console

    Alvaro Otero Martín Newbie

      Hi everyody,


      I'm using jboss esb in my application and I want know if message's content could be watch in admin-console because there are an option "List message" but always show the list empty. I'm trying to create a queue with message of wrong and I want to see what type of wrong contein the message.


      How could I do this?

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          Tom Cunningham Master

          I don't have any luck getting that to work through admin-console, but if you try the same thing through the jmx-console, you do get a list - you may not be able to view the message content though.


          You also might have better luck trying this through hornetq rather than JBoss Messaging, but I'm not sure, I haven't tried it.      If you end up experimenting with this, give us a heads up and I'll log a JIRA to see if we can investigate/fix the admin-console error.